The Securelink Annual Security Report - No fake news. No filters. No bias. 

Get the big picture of the actual state of Cyber Security! 

The SecureLink Annual Security Report is compiled with the findings of our top CDC analysts and gives an accurate view of the security events of 2018. You will get relevant information about threats, attack patterns and tendencies, that in turn, form the basis for an optimized future defense strategy. 

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Caution_Malware_IconASR-FACT #22: Malware and Exploits are NOT your biggest concern!

Did you know...? Criminals are more likely to use social engineering, than to hack into your network. In fact, the majority of cyber attacks have to do with social engineering, and not with exploits, malware and zero days.


Caution_Ransomware_IconASR-FACT #17: Ransomware is NOT a big criminal moneymaker!

Did you know...? In fact, cybercriminals can use more than 20 other methods that will make more money than ransomware. Many victims just won’t pay. That’s why veteran criminals put more effort into their attacks.


ASR-onepage_iconGet the Big Picture on the real state of Cyber Security! The Annual Security Report is packed full with findings from our top CDC analysts, and gives an accurate view of what happened in 2018. You get relevant information about threats, attack patterns and tendencies which build the foundation of an optimised defense for the future. 

Read the most important findings about our report: Download the Summary. 

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Eward Driehuis CRO at SecureLink gives his first insights into the SecureLink Annual Security Report

Annual Security Report

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