I hear that: The ultimate Cyber Security Podcast

Eward Driehuis discusses the most interesting Hacks, Threats & Attacks of the past 30 Days with experts from the Cyber Defense Industry

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May edition

Presented by Eward Driehuis, CRO, with James Hinton, UK head of pentesting, and special guest Daniel Telehagen, researcher @ Digital Shadows.

Daniel, James and Eward talk about how data analytics is sometimes slow, but it leads to solid conclusions. In this fast paced world, where the media want attribution in minutes, a quick educated guess often wins from solid slow research.

Social engineering, specifically sextortion, is on the rise, and Daniel outlines what to do if you’re a victim. James talks about a Brit going after porn sites, trying to extort their customers and even ransom them.

And finally, the “elephant in the room”, Julian Assange has been arrested. The guys get a bit political and even trick James into expressing some observations about Brexit.

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